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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Never used RTTI, but isn't it for debug purposes only ? At least i wouldn't use it for any other reason.
If you use polymorphic classes, you are using RTTI. Or at least if you ever use dynamic_cast.

I gave this example before and got no reply. How complex should some PNG decoder be ? I bet you can easily have code that's 20x the size of my own 68k implementation... and even the source may well be much larger than my asm one.
ok. i have no idea, to be honest! i have wanted a PNG decoder for Amiga though, it strikes me as a convenient format to store my game data in, since it's much more efficient than ILBM and then i can create the graphics on anything.

Does it fully implement the PNG format, with all modes and colour depths?

Anyway it's a fact i've observed that hard drives live longer in an amiga than in a pc.
Are you sure it is not just because old hard drives outlive new ones? They seem to have become terribly unreliable these days, a computer i built a few years ago had a hard drive fail recently and i was looking for a replacement and realised consumer drives now only come with 1 year warranties! It used to be 3 year warranties were standard. I guess they just don't care any more. It went downhill when they went over 500Gb i think, manufacturers were in such a competition for data density. Samsung had big problems with their platters and ended up having to limit drives to 5400 rpm for reliable operation.

Also temperature is a consideration. I keep my own PC very cool, and it is not very high-powered. There was a study that showed reliability decreased with increasing temperature. Gaming PCs can get very hot inside...

I am only using enterprise grade HDDs from now on and hang the expense.

Or SSDs... but for 2Tbs of SSD you are talking serious money.

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