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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
well... ok... but it's the computation part of the user program that might necessarily be complex, and... does anybody remember the point of this conversation?

i think it was that sometimes you need complex algorithms and data structures. of course you don't need to have a complex operating system to write a complex user program. but if you have a computer with a lot of resources, someone will probably find a use for a complex program, and the more complex the program the more likely it is to have unexpected bugs in it.

If the operating system is simple, great! Make it as simple as you can, but no simpler... a simple OS that is unlikely to have bugs, to protect us from complex software that is highly likely to have bugs. That sounds nice.
Well, did you know... the "complex algorithm" is often a small part of the overall code. In complex systems, most code is for system specific stuff (e.g. ui), not bare computations.

Furthermore, the used programming language - independently of the compiler's quality - may also be responsible of a lot of additionnal code.
If you code in c, your code will be more complex than with asm. If you use OOP, then even more complex.

I may also add that the coding style sometimes does more than everything else united...

If you want we may try to find a concrete example, coded in various ways, and see how big the differences are. Must have some complexity, not too high. Ready ?

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
i feel there is a word game going on here.

if the system is writing to ram disk when it unexpectedly loses power, it's not going to corrupt my physical disk, is it?
The physical disk corruption was just an example. The main problem is the incredible high disk activity in everyday use. Hiding it is meaningless, there is still activity that shouldn't be here.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
well i have to keep you distracted, remember!
Who gave you this mission ?
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