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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
but more horsepower means more powerful applications will also be developed. These will naturally be more complex. Yes they will! And that doesn't mean bloat!

Allow me to give a specific example... if you have, for instance, some table to look up some strings. If it is only a few strings, you can just scan through the list in a linear way and it won't be too slow. But if you have thousands, tens of thousands of strings... because there is more memory, and more hard disk space, and bigger files that people are creating. The faster CPU can only compensate so much, but it is worth implementing instead some kind of binary search tree - and maybe it would be better if you could make sure it was well-balanced (red black tree, for instance). Or maybe you choose instead some kind of hash map. This makes the code better performing with large sets of data, but it also means more code, and more complex code, which is more difficult to ensure there are no bugs. Especially in tree structures with nodes on the heap.

Sometimes you just want to do something that an old Amiga can't realistically do. Lately i've been implementing boolean operations on 3 dimensional solids. Getting this to run accurately enough in reasonable time involves data structure acrobatics, there are so many different concepts involved. I even had to hand-roll a bignum class. It seems pretty stable now, but i can't be entirely sure some weird combination of shapes won't crash it. It'll get even more complex when i optimise it.
And ? What do you intend to prove here ?
There is nothing an Amiga can't do, given enough power. But the same task needs less complexity.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
yeah it would be unexpected... it would also be the Kernel's fault, so i'd expect it to get fixed. If it is a user-mode app that is no longer maintained, tough luck.
If the kernel itself is no longer maintained, tough luck as well.
However, on the Amiga if support stops you're not dead - fixes can still come because the machine is open.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
The scariest crash i've ever made my Amiga do, by the way (while developing in asm), it caused a Guru, and when it reset it came up "Insert volume DH0 in any drive"! And it wouldn't go away on reset, i had to switch off at the mains! I was having kittens at this point, but thankfully no permanent damage was done... but i had to power off for some time, amazingly the fault even survived the first power cycle.
Well, basically you had an invalidation. Pretty much harmless for a scariest crash.
I've seen a pc laptop just die because its battery got empty while a write disk access was being made - this is what you get for complicated systems that constantly hit the disk.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
it proves one thing though, that the Amiga's simplicity doesn't guarantee it can't be hacked.
The fact it could be done in the past - and i might add that i have not seen it so i must trust some gossip here - doesn't prove it can be done today.

Now, all the security stuff on todays machines don't prove they can't be hacked either.

But instead of talk, talk, talk, PROVE IT. If an "unprotected" machine is so easy to hack, just do it. That is the ONLY PROOF there can be.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
I think the point is, that no-one would market it for general home consumer use, like the Amiga was back in its own day.
And ? Be realistic, it has no chance to become mainstream.
Did i say somewhere that i intended the machine to be for general home consumer use ? Did i say somewhere that i'd force anyone do disable that damned mp, or that disabling it would be an easy task available for the novice ?

Originally Posted by vxm View Post
That is not the issue. What matters is that you are the devil's advocate because you practice proselytism. I am sure that your light switches are still not powered by an MMU and therefore without memory protection.
I'm not doing proselytism. I'm just describing what i'd like to have, and people have come here to aggress me. Sounds more and more religious.

There are many reasons to have an open system : you may want to bang the metal for the fun of it, for learning, maybe for manual system maintenance.
Simply forbidding this, is just stupid.
I am not a user on my machine, i am the owner of it. If you want to just be a user, fine with you. Just bear that it might be different for me.

Remember : i do not force anyone to disable mp.
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