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you know what, i have been having a think, and i believe it is possible to give Maynaf what he wants without putting anybody else at risk.

we shouldn't have a checkbox somewhere to turn off memory protection, in case anyone is tempted to click it, because "give the user all the privileges" sounds like quite an appealing option. But if it could be done with, for instance, some modification to a startup sequence, the elite user will be able to do it, but the average user won't.

I have in mind a kind of multi-layered operating system, where the bottom layer is very small, but not like a microkernel, more like an extensible kernel, so you "build up" an effectively monolithic kernel by stacking the layers on top of each other during the boot process.

I might investigate Raspberry Pi actually, maybe i could write this...

Originally Posted by NorthWay View Post
This feels like deja vu as in the Tanenbaum and Torvalds exchanges.
Reminds me actually of this argument...

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