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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Remember we're speaking about an amiga-like machine here.
Yes, amiga-like, but presumably with much faster CPU and modern amounts of RAM and hard drive?

Or maybe we could argue about what "amiga-like" actually means? Those are always fun.

Well, ok. Sometimes we have to use bad software. Let's just flag it as "buggy" and sandbox it...

Do not feel safe, however. Some day a BSOD might prove you that you weren't as protected as you thought.
Big deal, a few tens of seconds later it's back?

BSOD, or "Kernel Panic" as Linux calls it, indicates a bug in the OS, rather than in user software. Of course it's possible and they do happen, and Linus Torvalds turns into Incredible Hulk. I had a fairly reproducible one on a computer last year, something to do with the USB subsystem, the same software ran fine on a different PC though. Too many different hardware combinations...
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