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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
I do not fear doing my daily internet usage on a system without memory protection. Because i know what it takes to do a takeover.
i do... because however difficult it may be, there are people who think it is worth the effort, and there is too much at stake -- maybe not on an Amiga, but on a "modern" and popular system ("PC-like" or otherwise) with significant resources.

Then advertise your software as "beware, this software crashes often"
ha, well, it doesn't crash nearly as much now, thanks to me. because i am the best programmer in the world.

Many bugs, actually, don't do that. I've seen the choice "suspend/reboot" many more times than i've seen the guru.
well the behaviour of bugs can be quite random, one day it will be "suspend/reboot", another it will be guru. And on that 1 time out of a million it will be, invalidate your filesystem.

You do not need to use badly written software, sorry. There should always be an alternative.
the alternatives are also badly written... if not worse... there is no perfect, bug-free software on modern computers. By which i mean software that does modern tasks, which are often very complex tasks. And sometimes there are not alternatives. Try finding an alternative driver for a particular piece of hardware, or an alternative program for reading and writing some popular but proprietary file format.

Or maybe the alternative exists and is very stable... but is just so awful to use that you'd rather just put up with the occasional crash.

i remembered an example of an Amiga software that crashed pretty hard in unforeseen circumstances. ProTracker 4 Beta 2 had a Y2K bug. Well i know it was still a Beta version, but it would have taken several years to find this out. Bad programming? I hesitate to rush to judgement. Foolish assumptions, certainly; very easy to make.
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