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Small hint: You can copy SB128 or FM801 PCI sound card driver from other (non-classic) OS4 edition CD and use it with WinUAE + OS4 classic + PCI bridge emulation.

AFAIK they are not included with classic OS4 edition because real hardware PCI bridges don't support Amiga RAM to PCI space DMA. (G-REX should support it but perhaps there are some other compatibility issue). Make sure Full PCI DMA option is enabled in WinUAE PCI bridge configuration or sound is noise only.

Originally Posted by Reth View Post
might there be any chance to get more RAM provided to the PPC/AOS4 emulation? This would be awesome since suite some programs cannot be used without more RAM provided.
Answered million times already: OS4 needs kernel update to accept non-onboard memory. There is nothing that emulation can do.
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