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I`m also interested in how an amiga system could be "hacked" that is connected to the internet. Would you like to explain it a bit more detailed, please? What are the requirements (special or any kinde of tcp/ip stack, with or without acitvated protections like firewalls, browser/ftp client/irc/..., with or without javascript, pipe:, ...)? What can you do if for example a firewall is active? If you are in what kind of access do you have and to what (read/write access to everything or only some stuff, start executables/scripts)? If you are able to format can you bypass a format protection (I`ve it active on my 3.1 system)? I guess there is more but alas I don`t know. Would be very kind if you could tell me.

Maybe someone is interested in an experiment of documented live hacking scenario. If I hadn`t a very bad analog inet connection I would give it a go. About 10 years ago we (me and a linux user) tried that over irc but the hacker couldn`t get access because his amiga os knowledge wasn`t good.
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