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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
It is the ability to do bare metal banging. It is not pointless, or if it is, just don't use it.
it's pointless on a PC because each PC has a different metal... but i suppose for something Amiga-like maybe not so pointless. Nevertheless, the idea of any user being able to turn it off, and then still be able to go about their daily internet usage gives me the chills.

If you really want direct hardware access, you CAN write Kernel modules (on Linux), but you seem not to be interested in that.

And ? It's no problem for me. Most programs won't care, only low-level system ones - and they could eventually adapt.
It is quite inconvenient to have to reboot, while you are in the middle of running other things, just to run one program that requires Kernel mode for 5 seconds.

Good programmers are careful. They know that if something _can_ go wrong, then something _will_ go wrong.
You don't need to lecture me on careful coding... but when you inherited your codebase from someone else, or you're working in a team that includes relative novices, or if you're dealing with APIs that have various strange ways (such as structures that manage the lifetimes of the objects you pass to them, so you can never be sure if a pointer still points to something or not...) it gets difficult.

I'd really like to replace some of our dependencies with home-rolled alternatives but you know, time and budget constraints. But you can blame the programmer all you want, nobody wants a piece of software that they need to use to be able to take out their entire system by accident. However badly programmed it is, for whatever reason, it shouldn't be able to do that.
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