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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Oh i could have several options as well : flat with no protection, flat with protection, paged. Why not ?
i don't know why you are saying this.

Well, do you really think that a configuration option to turn off memory protection (obviously on by default) would make the platform unpopular ?
Not necessarily. I think a system with no security at all would be unpopular, i think a system where it was switchable would be pointless.

I didn't like it because it was too complicated.
I prefer to be able to run programs in the same way for both options ; they don't know if they run in protected mode or not and they don't have to.
But you won't be able to switch between the two modes without a reboot, and you wouldn't be able to run some things in one mode and some things in the other.

Perhaps you have to test and debug your code before you make a release
of course I do you cheeky imp, but you can never test absolutely every possible way your code might run! we've been through this already.

There are companies who have a policy not to use version n.0 of any software because they know it will be unstable until n.1. The first release is really the last stage of testing, simply because *you don't know what users are going to try doing until you give it to the users*. There might be bugs that only manifest in very rare circumstances you never thought of, and the only way to discover them is through thousands of user-hours of real world use. Sometimes they are not easily reproducible even when you do know about them. Sometimes they only happen with certain hardware configurations that the user happened to have, or with certain OS-level settings. We get bug reports like, it crashed when a Chinese person tried to save a file with a Chinese filename. Or it crashes only after 12 hours of continuous usage. Or it crashed when there was an R in the month and it was a blue moon and Venus was in conjunction with Mercury. Automatic tests can't find these things, and neither can we programmers.

Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
Great... now we have to reintroduce the JavaSparc processor that never caught on in the first place because the performance sucked worse than running Java Bytecode under a VM.
Well i was thinking of something rather simpler than that... and don't get me started on Java.

Incidently, we keep running into the sandbox requirement, why not just use the sandbox instead of memory protection? That's how the XBox 360 does it: It forces everybody to write code in C#.NET and use their runtimes to disallow the possibility of it not being written a particular way.
Well, quite, but the idea of forcing all users to write in a particular high-level language really doesn't appeal to me.

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