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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
No. They have something that works right away (especially when it is preinstalled at the time of buying).
well it works... but it keeps hassling users asking for permissions all the time.

it's a funny thing, is Windows. Because early on, it had very little security at all, because the average home or business user just didn't really need it. but as things moved on, it needed more and more security, so they started locking things down, and of course this frustrates users because they think "why can't i do this, i used to be able to do this why can't i anymore, this latest version of Windows sucks..."

Windows is getting more Unix-like in its security in its latest incarnations, now it requires permissions for all sorts of things, but because people still expect to be able to configure and use Windows the same way they did before, it all ends up a bit of a mess. Like the example i gave earlier, of a software that requires admin privileges to run, because the programmers thought it was reasonable to demand this from the user even though there was no real need to do so, because it was just too much effort to do it properly (or they didn't know better or there wasn't time or whatever).

I was right, MMUs aren't exactly the easiest thing to put in a softcore.
I'm going to say it again, there is more than one way to skin a memory protection. It doesn't have to involve page remapping. Really that is done for various other reasons such as virtual memory support, avoid memory fragmentation problems &c.

Security ? Bah. I surfed the net with my A1200 for more than 15 years and never got hacked. It's about likeliness ; it's less likely to get attacked with such a rare machine than having some attacker pass the numerous defenses on a mainstream machine. So what ?
Works for you, fine. But if you were designing a new machine, it would be quite crazy to design it specifically for unpopularity. Which is not the same as designing for a niche market, we don't know if that niche is going to become popular at some point in the future.

I think it is possible to serve everyone's needs here. I outlined a way in which it might be possible for hardcore users to run programs in kernel space if they wanted to, but you didn't like it for some reason.
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