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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
You don't get a seg fault when some nasty program starts deleting files on your HD.
well, ok, that is true in many operating systems. although it has to go through the OS to do so, which means it can't bypass file permissions, it can't compromise the kernel. It could compromise a user account, but not the entire system.

Your idea of each app being in its own sandbox is a good one though, and memory protection would help enforce it (in fact i don't know how you'd do it without).

Oh, sorry. I forgot people's right to be stupid
well you can call common practice stupid if you like... and you may well be right... but i bet you run code that follows common practice quite often.

So what you have as a computer is called a server, not a home computer.
I really don't care what you call it, i look at websites on my PC all the time. This is inviting digital content into my computer. I also run software i didn't write all the time, this could also be considered "guests". Some of it is the Javascript on websites that we now, for whatever reason, don't seem to be able to do without.

Maybe calling them customers confuses the issue, if i was the customer and they were coming into my home to provide me with a service, would that be a better analogy? Well, maybe. I don't have plumbers, builders and all other sorts of tradesmen in my house every single day, but if i did, again, maybe i'd be wise to invest in internal security.

Also there is another reason the analogy fails. In the real world, if someone breaks in, or if a tradesman steals my stuff, i can call the police. That is a sort of internal security that we all have. There is no police on the internet. It is like the wild west.

Windows users use only a single admin account because they want something that works right away and doesn't annoy them.
well they made a big mistake installing Windows then...

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
That's equal, i've not been on irc for many years and probably will not be again ever.
ok suppose someone trolls you on EAB instead.

You know there's something very school playground about all this tit-for-tat. "You can't kill me i've got a shield!" "Yeah well i've got a shield-breaking bazooka!"

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