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Originally Posted by miggymac View Post
Would it be possible to add support for Mac emulation cards like Emplant, A-Max, or Atari ST/TT emulation cards like Medusa, Chamäleon or Amtari?
Medusa and Chamäleon are simple hardware dongles used for ROM reading. (The Medusa v1 board shown at doesn't have a ROM socket, though the description there says it does???)
The Amtari board looks similar. Reverse-engineering either of those should be fairly simple. Anyone want to lend me the hardware? Is the Amtari software available online?

A-Max II+ and Emplant boards contain 6522 VIA(s) and Z80 SCC in addition to ROM sockets. Presumably they are mapped to the same address ranges as a real Macintosh. It probably wouldn't be necessary to fully emulate the SCC.
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