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Originally posted by SabreGolly
My PocketPc has a 133MHz 'Mips' processor. Pocket PC's use RISC processors, so the clock rating can't be used to compare with CISC processors, such as 680?0 and Pentiums. As I mentioned earlier, I thought it might be possible since I have used spectrum, NES and Gameboy emulators on my Pocket PC, and the speeds at which they run is comparible (in fact, not that favourably) to my 28MHz amiga. One of the main problems with my model (Casio E115) appears to be the display - this eats processing power - a problem the amiga obviously doesn't have.
RISC CPU's are perfect for emulation (if used effectively), so I think your right, it must be more to do with the display - I have heard CPU driven displays are a real processing hog. AFAIR the GP32 is the same, and hence why even native games are about the same in capability as the games for the much slower CPU GBA games.
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