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I think the long version of the intro song, where Kyle Justin mentions Amiga, Commodore 64, Intellivision, ColecoVision, etc. was first used in one of the Sega 32x/Sega CD episodes.

So far, James Rolfe has never released an AVGN episode where an Amiga game is the topic.

Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
[...] I remember he did one about C= a few years back, but mostly about the hardware, I don't remember him covering any specific game in detail but my memory could be foggy.
He reviewed a Transformer game (Strategic Battle Simulator or something) on the C64 (on tape, no less) in the Transformers episode, although the main part of the episode was about the Transformers Famicon game.
In the Superman 64 episode, he also plays a little bit of Superman on the C64 as a joke because people were really expecting him to play the infamous Superman game on the Nintendo 64.
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