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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
My idea was rather to have a single, isolated "user mode" for a single app.
sandboxing individual apps might also be a good idea, i've thought about it...

Ok but a site isn't directly running code on your machine. Some machine code has to sneak in, and that's not easy - and does not depend on memory protection at all.
i'm not talking about sites, i'm talking about code you explicitly run. if you didn't write it, you don't know how it works. you don't know what bugs it has. if it is network code it might have exploits. or maybe it just trashes your system when it breaks one day and you lose valuable data.

also memory protection can help against attacks, for instance making the stack non-executable helps against buffer overruns.

Why not having in real life what we have in computers ?
Because this is a terrible analogy.
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