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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
But you're giving me an idea. It might be fun to code some kind of sandbox running only "suspicious" code in a memory protected environment, while the rest of the system runs without (a concept similar to whdload).
That's basically what we've got... Kernel code runs without memory protection, afterall it has to manage the memory protection for everything else. "User mode" is exactly this kind of sandbox. Now if only you could run code in Kernel mode ad-hoc...

Big sites are quite rarely hacked. Also i consider a site such as EAB as sure - you don't ?
i'm never 100% sure of anything.

A few browser plugins might eventually help you. Setting your browser so that cookies get deleted when you close it, can also help for not being followed.
I have cookies turned off, with exceptions (obviously Twitter is an exception or it would not work). Scripts are not supposed to be able to access cookies from other sites. If i ever have to enable cookies to get some site to work, i always set it "allow for session" and remove the exception when i'm done. I'm about as careful as i think i can be with cookies. I have no idea how somebody's blog post could find out my Twitter handle.

No, i'd be knowing what i'm doing. I did that on my A1200 for many years.
Memory protection really has nothing to do with online security.
round in circles... you don't know what code is doing, if you didn't write it, or if you haven't read and understood the source code. you have to trust it.

Memory protection is not online security. It is offline security. If something does get through the firewalls &c, then it has another challenge ahead of it.

Guess why Windows is this way.
because it was written for idiots, by idiots. yeah, some of the things i have come up against make me suspect that a lot of their code is very bad.
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