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i am an intelligent person... but i still run software that segfaults occasionally (not code that i am developing). if there were no memory protection, such bugs could put the kernel in an inconsistent state, leading to corruption of the filesystem... or deactivating firewalls.

Also it's not just dodgy porn websites that you can get nasty viruses from. Respectable websites can be hacked, or, often they don't have direct control over their advertising space so things can be sneaked in there. I use "NoScript" but turning off Javascript renders so much of the internet completely useless, with some sites not even showing you article text without it activated (and there are exploits in Javascript despite its supposed sandbox, also i have visited sites before and then suddenly been followed on Twitter by a spookily relevant account).

You don't have to be stupid or careless to fall victim to some of these things (although it helps), but if you turned off memory protection and proceeded to use your computer for every day online things, i'd say you were being stupid and careless.

I don't even connect my Amiga to the network at all these days now i have a SDHC card reader for transferring files to my PC.

Of course all technology can be used for good or for evil. But i don't find that memory protection limits me in what i can do on my own computer. I do find that Windows does.
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