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Originally posted by fiath
Isn't PocketPC speed anything from 100-500MHz? Even an optimised MAME would probably run the old games. But a 50Mhz machine just didn't cut it.
My PocketPc has a 133MHz 'Mips' processor. Pocket PC's use RISC processors, so the clock rating can't be used to compare with CISC processors, such as 680?0 and Pentiums. As I mentioned earlier, I thought it might be possible since I have used spectrum, NES and Gameboy emulators on my Pocket PC, and the speeds at which they run is comparible (in fact, not that favourably) to my 28MHz amiga. One of the main problems with my model (Casio E115) appears to be the display - this eats processing power - a problem the amiga obviously doesn't have.

On this machine is a very near full speed version of mame (albeit emulating early arcade machines), just like the very near full speed emulations of Spectrum, Gameboy, etc. So I thought if my amiga can handle emulating these 8 bit machines, it may be up to emulating the old arcade machines.

I know this is a simplistic view of things.

MAME actually gets slower with each new release or so they say.
Yeah, I've heard that too, thats why I wondered if anyone has any really early versions - which are only built for emulating these old machines. On aminet, as new versions of apps are released, the old ones are removed, but I thought perhaps somewhere there might be the sort of versions I was looking for.

As I said - I may be just dreaming
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