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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
The point is that, even though code can do less things under memory protection, what it can do is largely enough to mess up things a lot and get enough control to turn your machine into a spam-sending zombie - and at the end, there is no difference (apart the reduced freedom under the protected system).
I totally agree with this, and memory protection just makes it more difficult to observe the system. Instead there should be more focus on tools to detect system changes rather than protecting the users from themselves.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Why the heck can't we be true supervisors of our own machines ?
The reason is that modern operating systems are designed to allow "credible software" to do anything while obfuscating it from the user. The owner of the device is sandboxed intentionally. Ten years ago people would have laughed at this and used the term "tinfoil hat", these days we know better.
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