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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
The OS doesn't have to guarantee anything at all. We're talking about personal computers, not servers.
Doesn't matter if it is personal or a server, the OS has to protect itself from you, protect you from yourself, and protect itself from other people's mistakes. The OS can't really know if you meant to write to $100 or if that is a bug unless it has been explicitly told so. That is what an API and priviledge levels can give you.

Now, the OS can still let you go into MeMeMe-mode, but the only sensible thing the OS can do then is to basically shut down(or something like what might be Unix-parlance for runl-evel 0 or single-user mode or a point where a reboot will be required) as it can not guarantee its own consistency.
I'll repeat myself: What you probably want is an API that can let you do near all the things you feel you need to do (and which gives the OS a chance of objecting with a "this town aint big enough for the both of us" ultimatum).

And reading is still not as "bad" as writing.
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