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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
This doesn't help debugging and running your own code. Sorry but i don't like the idea
It really does... it would be easy to sign your own code with your own private key, and then the Kernel would just be able to run it (above the level of the MMU), but no malicious code would be able to run in the Kernel if you hadn't signed it. It seems to me like a good solution to the problem... unless i have really misunderstood the point of it.

Code you don't need to run in Kernel space runs as normal, however.

Sorry but i don't like the idea

What sort of things would you do in such a mode? You would be crazy to use your computer for normal things. Maybe it would be useful for OS development but you didn't seem interested in that. You should certainly not have any network connection in this mode! Or run anything you don't 100% trust!

To come back to the thing i said that started us off on this whole line of argument... there are perfectly sane reasons not to do this.
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