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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
I don't differenciate admin and kernel privilege levels.
Format needs supervisor level ? So should disabling memory protection, that's all.
well operating systems typically do, they are quite different things.

So you want to send your private key to everyone whose software you intend to run ? Or else how could legitimate programs run at all ?
no, only the public key is needed to run the code. if you send the unsigned code to another person, they would have to sign it with their own private key to run it on their machine.

The way XBox 360 works is Microsoft has the private key, and nobody else can have it. So you can't run anything on it unless Microsoft has approved and signed it. All of this happens inside the CPU so it is not possible to get at without hardware exploits (i.e. glitches).

I still prefer a simple supervisor config check to enable/disable memory protection. At least it will not rule out full paged memory, which has its uses.
so it will either be enabled or disabled globally?
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