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Originally Posted by syphus View Post
First attempt, flashing the 'fresh' (non-Cortex) Gotek with a CP2102 USB-UART device from Windows 7 with the right driver installed, seemed to go well until I realised it was taking far too long and there was no progress info - it just sent and received mystery data for about 45mins before I unplugged it and tried again. Second time, it seemed to work fine - showed me the 'Done!' message, so I rebooted it with a fresh USB stick with the firmware in the root and the buttons pressed. Strangely, nothing displayed at all on the LCD...although this had illuminated fine when I first powered up the new Gotek to test it. Also nothing when the old Gotek's LCD was plugged in, and I can't get any of my Amigas (with hard drives removed and other boot devices disabled) to recognise it.


Has anyone experienced anything similar?
Yes, every one using bad usb serial interface with buggy driver. And you are lucky because some people even got some blue screen ! Bad device & bad driver... I recommend the FTDI to be fail safe. (Normal flashing time is ~2 / 4 minutes)
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