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Well this is embarrassing, although I'm fairly certain I followed all the instructions to the letter:

I had one Gotek flashed with Cortex, which has worked fine for about a year, and yesterday I took delivery of a second. I was about to flash it with Cortex until d0pefish told me that HxC had been ported to the Gotek - hooray! I immediately paid Jeff for two licences, and he set me up an account very swiftly (thanks Jeff!)

First attempt, flashing the 'fresh' (non-Cortex) Gotek with a CP2102 USB-UART device from Windows 7 with the right driver installed, seemed to go well until I realised it was taking far too long and there was no progress info - it just sent and received mystery data for about 45mins before I unplugged it and tried again. Second time, it seemed to work fine - showed me the 'Done!' message, so I rebooted it with a fresh USB stick with the firmware in the root and the buttons pressed. Strangely, nothing displayed at all on the LCD...although this had illuminated fine when I first powered up the new Gotek to test it. Also nothing when the old Gotek's LCD was plugged in, and I can't get any of my Amigas (with hard drives removed and other boot devices disabled) to recognise it.

So I tried flashing the older, Cortex-flashed Gotek...and on this I get 'HxC' displayed on the LCD, and some swirly segment-animation when loading the firmware, but still no recognition from my Amigas (tested on two A1200s, one A600 and one A500+ - all working fine with mechanical floppy drives, and one of the A1200s previously had the older Gotek in it).

I'd try again, but now Jeff's flash loader says I've got no licences left - which is understandable - and yet something's clearly gone wrong and it appears that I don't have HxC installed properly on at least one Gotek, possibly on either. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Can anyone think of something I can do to test either device? The lack of LCD display on the newer Gotek is disturbing, but the results when trying to get Amigas to recognise either of them are the same.

Should I try flashing them with Cortex to see if that works, before asking Jeff very nicely if he'll let me try flashing HxC again?

Thanks in advance for any advice anybody might have!

[EDIT] - I also did the following:
- removed the reset jumper after flashing
- set the drive select jumper to S0, though I also tested in S1
- tested multiple USB sticks, with *just* the firmware in the root, and also with the firmware plus a single .adf.hfe file, and also with a whole load of other directories and files on them. Reformatted a few times and scanned for errors on the Windows side (FAT32).

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