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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Every time you miss or evade the point... you ask "how?" i answer how, and you object with a "why?" You ask "why?" i answer why, and you object with a "how" and round and round we go...
I always reply to any point made. You don't.
You answer how, then i ask why. That's not necessarily an objection to the "how". And vice versa.
Do you have a concrete example where i miss or evade the point ? Please be SPECIFIC.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Talk of memory protection is irrelevant to my example about the Mr Beanbag website being hacked. That was hacked because we left the visitor comments section wide open because we didn't think anyone would have any motivation to hack it, so we didn't bother doing it "properly". We were wrong. Exactly HOW they did it is really not important. You asked WHY someone would hack such-and-such.
The point where you can get hacked without expecting it is agreed long ago, ok ? Now we can reuse the example for something else, ok ?

This only proves that the security of your site must be assured by you, not by your operating system.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
We're in a market niche, right. The whole point of this thread is about why we can't have an "amiga-like" system anymore, and the answer is that, insofar as you define "amiga-like" as having no security model, no-one in their right mind would produce a new system like that.
Again, you can't say we have no security model. The online security is more or less integrated into the tcp stack (yeah we can have a firewall in case you didn't notice).

I'm not saying we should have no security at all. I'm saying that memory protection should be an OPTION we can switch on and off.
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