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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
@kolla: THANK YOU
Were you in difficulty so that you needed some help ?

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
@meynaf: yes i do know how much code you can fit in 20kb, i have written Amiga code you know. I have also written C++ code for commercial projects and as much as i'm astonished at how big the executables come out from GCC, but that's got no bearing on the complexity from a programming point of view. But no matter how good a compiler you had, or if you were writing it all in ASM, you wouldn't fit Photoshop in 20kb, even Deluxe Paint doesn't fit in 20kb. Someone from ZX81 community probably calls that bloatware, too!
Of course there is some complexity, but you have to admit that current sizes are a lot too high for what programs do.

The compiler is responsible only of a small part in fact ; it turns 20kb programs into 80kb programs maybe, but it won't turn 20kb into several Mb.
Bloatwares are so by bad programming design, it's not the fault of the compiler. Look at the sources that can be found online. Often i can rewrite them in asm with a lot less lines !
How many lines is it to show a PNG for example ?
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