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When I hacked remote Amigas (it happened), it was client software I exploited (AmIRC for example, all those scripts people use without thinking of the consequences). If an Amiga had TCP: mounted, executing remote scripts was a breeze. One funny game was to have remote amiga export ram: with netfs, so I could mount it from my amiga, assign my env: to remote env: and play around with system prefs and see confused owners rambling on IRC as their pallette changed or whatever. Back in the days people didn't have NAT to hide behind, today it requires a wee bit more effort. Astonishingly many use default admin passwords on their routers, or the same password for admin user as for their wifi.

Bottom line is, if you let anything from remote source run on your Amiga, your entire system may be owned within seconds.

Maynaf, memory protection helps a lot in terms of limiting what an exploiter can perform on a system, if you think otherwise, then please explain.

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