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Originally Posted by themamboman View Post
Any thoughts about emulating vortex 486 goldengate? (if possible)
If there is technical documentation. (My crystall ball says: there is nothing at all.)

Commodore bridgeboard emulation was only possible because A500/A2000 Technical Reference manual described it very well. (Memory spaces, IO ports, special bits etc..)

Originally Posted by amadama View Post
How about the Acculogic sIDE-1/16 8 bit IDE controller?
That isn't true XT IDE either but looks like it is yet another AT IDE ("normal ide") adapter for ancient PCs. It probably also works but I want to start with some confirmed working XT IDE card.

Originally Posted by Magic View Post
I have a functioning XT hard card in my A1060. I can't remember the details, but it boots the A1060 to an old version ms-dos from the HD. Would this be helpful in some way? I also have an 8 bit OMTI RLL controller that I bought from Prespect Techniques back in the day with the HDA-506 (long gone). I think there is bios on that card as well. Let me know if I can help in some way.
Image of the board (especially from jumpers if there is any) and boot rom dump will help. (There is probably some simple PC program that can be used to dump the ROM without extra hardware)
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