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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
My A1200 ran Enforcer quite a few times, and this alone catches many null, unitialised or dangling pointers. This is not a reason to forbid these accesses permanently - and thus destroy the programmer's freedom.
You are threading a fine line here... while I agree that it should be possible to do "whatever you want" on a personal machine, the only ones with a need for it are pure hackers (programmers, people running gfx rippers, sound rippers, mod rippers etc), and even then I see no reason to write to 0 as it is off-limits for all and anything.

To have read-access to anything you should have to go a lot of extra miles (a "root" type user would have been an appropriate way of achieving it), to write to non-system memory it should suffice with a "root" type of raised access level, but to write to absolutely anything then a proper OS would more or less have to commit suicide as it can't guarantee anything any more.
Of course, a proper OS would give you many ways of modifying stuff through an API, probably all you could want?
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