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I didn't share any files because it would not have made any sense, it woulds not have helped, there is obviously bug somewhere and even if you'd had my config or hdf, you would still have triggered the bug, sooner or later. In worst case it would only have made the bug hidden. It needs to be fixed first, it has 100% priority.

winuae.7z updated, I am now quite sure the real bug is now fixed. It probably triggered very regularly with your config because it had cycle exact enabled. (It still happens with other modes but only very randomly which made finding it quite difficult). Above version also includes lots of XT logging so if you still have problems, attach it.

I still haven't managed to duplicate the crash but hopefully it was just a side effect of the real bug. Unfortunately dump files are useless unless it was created with official beta so if you still get a crash, you need to wait for next beta first.
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