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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
It's all about "a computer like Amiga" here. Did you read the thread's title ?
yeah but we were going off on this tangent (or at least i was):
Originally Posted by jezry View Post
I agree with turrican a console style all in one machine would be a good idea. If Acube or A-eon where to build it like that in a price range like the consoles out now i think they would sell alot more ng amigas. Hell even my wife would have thought it was fun to have an console like that.
Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
I'm not wholly against security, only against what we call security and is currently more annoyance than anything else.
So basically you're against Windows... join the club!

Your reply told about locking things for business purpose, it did not mention any real security threat - which was what i was asking for.
Microsoft didn't want anyone running unsigned code. Preventing hackers from doing things you don't want them to do is "security". They succeeded admirably in a technical sense, maybe not so much in a business or ethical sense.

This is an excellent lesson for prudence, isn't it ?
When running your asm program for debug you know the risk so you save everything else, don't you ?
I never mentioned that. Any program can have bugs, the bigger the project the more bugs it will have, and they won't all be known. I have fixed so many null, uninitialised or dangling pointer bugs, they are the most common and can do real damage to a system with no memory protection. If you are designing a modern system for modern needs it really is a must.

Your reply was too vague so maybe the question is worth asking again.
i've gone into loads of detail with specific examples... not good enough? can't be bothered. do your own research.

You have a very limited access if you try to do so. First, there is so many hardware available that this access will only work on your current machine. Second, docs about hardware interfaces are all but easy to find.
Exactly what i said! And that's the problem, not "security". Something "amiga-like" would have a single, well documented spec.
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