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I don't think it was a problem of caching, I have stored all the binaries, and they have all different lengths.

Last attempt: nothing works.
Here's some log files. It seems that setting autoboot on or off makes a huge difference.
1) Manual CHS, no autoboot: the emulation seems to do nothing; I left it running for 6 minutes
2) Manual CHS, autoboot enabled: WinUAE crashes
3) Auto CHS, no autoboot: I get to the workbench, but when I start HD Toolbox I don't get the WD93028 entry in the drive select option. If I create a new geometry (CHS 612 etc.) it allows me to "save changes" but on reboot it's not recognised, and with a further attempt at calling HD Toolbox AmigaOS crashes.
4) Auto CHS, autoboot: WinUAE crashes.

Anyway, this is my last attempt. Right now WinUAE has sank at the bottom of my priorities; I simply can't waste time on it anymore; it's just frustrating. I have very limited time to devote to what is essentially a secondary hobby, and I'd rather spend it writing actual Amiga code than blindly debugging WinUAE

Furthermore, I honestly don't understand your reticence in sharing your configuration file and/or formatted XT image (after compression it's just a small file). Rather than wasting time for a week blindly shooting in the dark trying to hit the "right" configuration (if it even exists), I could have tried your configuration to see how that worked. At least we could have excluded configuration as a problem, and actually aim at finding where the issue is. It's clear there are issues somewhere if WinUAE can't handle the A2091 drivers, either due to my configuration, or my hardware, or whatever.

Since my aim is to use MINIX on WinUAE, using your XT formatted hdf image I could have answered the question of MINIX compatibility with WinUAE straight away; it could have led to another improvement for WinUAE. I realise I may be the only one interested in MINIX on WinUAE, but as a matter of completeness in WinUAE development it might have been interesting in its own right. Oh well.

So...take the above as "constructive criticism." I'll be honest: unless you are willing to share your configuration and/or the XT formatted hdf, I am not going to spend more time with WinUAE; if it's my fault, I'd like to know what I am doing wrong. Otherwise, the whole enterprise looks pretty pointless to me

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