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Amigas In School


About 17 years ago my daughter came home and told me she'd used an A4000 for Animation work in her schools Art Department in the local village.

I found out that there where 2 Amiga's one an A4000/A3640/VLab Zorro II Card and with 2 Meg Chip RAM and 2 Meg Fast RAM.

The other Amiga was an A1200/BlizzardMKIV.

I got in touch with the Art Department Teacher and I then became his "Amiga" Techie

I upgraded the A4000 to an A3640 and 16 Meg Fast RAM.

When he retired he foned me and suggested I ask the Headmaster if I could buy the A4000, and the headmaster gave it to me as a thanks you for the years of help I had given.

That A4000's motherboard is now installed into a Elbox Mediator Towered system with a Cyberstorm MkII/SCSI/128 Meg Fast RAM/Voodoo/Spider USB card.


Regards, Michael

aka rockape

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