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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
It's also just plain fun (no nostalgia). Not that programming on the peecee can't be fun, but that's a different story.
Its getting excessively more difficult to have fun with it, that's for sure :/ Even game programming is too abstract nowadays.

Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
You call everyone messing with their phones EVERYWHERE social? LOL As much as I like technological advancement, all those phones are just ridiculous. Seriously, take people's phones away and they'll get physical withdrawal symptoms
I used to think the same; if you look out the window of a metro you see a whole line of people just staring at their phone. Its very easy to call that anti-social.

And then I go back 15 years in time when I was riding the same metro and then everyone was gazing at a newspaper or a book. Not much changed really, only the medium to pass the time
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