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Thanks again for the reply! Man, what a helpful bunch you are.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
On A500+ yes. No mods.
Wow, this is great! I thought getting a 1 MB of ChipRAM on this model would require some mods (as the avail command, as seen above, showed separate "chip" and "fast" values of 512K), I never knew A500+ could use slow RAM like that without any modifications! If I add a 1 MB trapdoor expansion, that would make 1.5 MB of ChipRAM?

HxC firmware for Gotek is in beta. Most floppy disk games don't save. HFE write support is supposed to be good. ADF write support is new but improving.

Try the other Gotek firmware, CortexAmiga? Mature ADF write support
I tried creating a save disk in Ultima 4, as well as saving in Eye of the Beholder, Ultima 5 and Ultima 6, using both HFEs and ADFs. It crashed during the file copy in U4, and supposedly saved "something", while saving in U5/U6/EotB, however trying to load the game resulted in the last save being restored, as if it didn't save anything. I might try telling my friend to return to CortexAmiga firmware!
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