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Originally Posted by Kurasiu View Post
So, the onboard and trapdoor RAM combined forms a total capacity of Chip RAM?
On A500+ yes. No mods.

In other words all OCS compatible Amiga 500 games?
No. In fixing some games for faster processor, emulating OS, etc. not all A500 OCS/ECS WHDload slaves run well on a 7MHz 68000

I actually tested a Gotek device, flashed with HxC firmware, which belongs to my friend. While it is a mighty fine device, it was kinda a shame it had several save/write issues (and that's quite important for me).
HxC firmware for Gotek is in beta. Most floppy disk games don't save. HFE write support is supposed to be good. ADF write support is new but improving.

Try the other Gotek firmware, CortexAmiga? Mature ADF write support
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