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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
If you don't want to push a RAM board onto the CPU, why not get some PCMCIA SRAM cards to alleviate your pain?
Well those aren't cheap usually and also, I use the PCMCIA slot for reading data off an SD card (this is why I don't need that second partition you told me to not mount ).

I would love to install a kipper 4MB upgrade but I had problems with a machine with an ACA620 and it snapping off the socket in transport. Now it's bolted and seems stable but the more shit I add inside, the more in the computer that could go wrong. Trying to keep the system really simple and transport/bump-friendly.

I don't really understand buffers though. The same amount of RAM is taken with 10 buffers, regardless of the size of the partition. Is this right?
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