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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Simplicity brings in more security than any security update.
Besides, no security at all isn't necessarily worse. Securities can sometimes be returned against the user, like an enemy controlling a fortress which you can't take back easily (and so you regret having built that fortress in first place).
I do know what you mean, often Windows gets itself stuck and you can't perform the operation you need to do because a file is locked even after you stop all processes, and the only way to fix it is to reboot, which is particularly annoying if it's your continuous integration server...

There has to be a balance somewhere. You can't do these days with no security at all. Windows has become the victim of its own success (try turning off all your security options and see how long it takes before your PC is full of malware). On Amiga we enjoy security by obscurity, although back in the day i did get a few viruses. But there is only so much damage they can do if all your data is on floppies. That's physical security...

Of course i run someone else's software and use the network, how did you come to the conclusion i didn't ?
because you said you wanted complete control over your machine.. well if you run someone else's software, you don't. you don't know what bugs are in programs that you run, or if they have been compromised in some way. And if you use the network, someone halfway round the world can take control of your computer.

This sounds more about business (i.e. big money) than security...
security for the sake of business, yes. i won't defend Microsoft's decision to lock down the XBox360 so hard, but the point here is that good security is possible, with a new system designed around it.

Yup, but it's only the connection to the outside that must be secure.
until you legitimately download someone's PD game and it compromises your system when you run it.
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