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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I thought formatting problem was fixed with newer winuae.exe... (Partitioning didn't work properly with first version, perhaps you got cached version or something?)

Works for me. I booted install disk, hdtoolbox, selected already existing WD93028 (782/27/2 geometry, didn't change it), clicked partition drive, ok, save changes to drive. Boot, formatted normally.

Include -scsilog -scsiemulog winuaelog.txt if it still fails to work.
WinUAE 3 is the first version I have installed on my new laptop, so there can't be any cache.
I am at a loss. How did you prepare the hdf file? manual input of CHS? RDB enable? SASI CHS? What Amiga configuration? Did you use the latest WinUAE beta version?

Herewith a few logs I obtained this afternoon with the beta WinUAE, they all lead to Guru Meditations; and a WinUAE crash. I didn't use the log options; I might try tomorrow.

Would you please, please give me that formatted XT HDF file and/or your WinUAE configuration? I have wasted a week trying to make it work I want to know if I am completely wasting my time and Minix will never run in emulation for me. I am willing to put a donation into the website if you can help me.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate the time you are devoting to this issue.
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