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Thanks for the reply! Even more questions incoming:

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Your A500+ has 1mb of chipram expandable to 2mb of chipram with an A501+ trapdoor RAM expansion
So, the onboard and trapdoor RAM combined forms a total capacity of Chip RAM? Or is there some mod required?

Originally Posted by alexh
A kipper2k A508 IDE will allow you to run all the 68000 compatible slaves (that is a good few)
In other words all OCS compatible Amiga 500 games?

The absolute cheapest upgrade is nothing, no RAM, no CPU, no HDD, just a Gotek Floppy emulator. You'll be able to play all 68000 Amiga ECS/OCS games (which is 99% of them)
I actually tested a Gotek device, flashed with HxC firmware, which belongs to my friend. While it is a mighty fine device, it was kinda a shame it had several save/write issues (and that's quite important for me). Quoting Jeff, "this happen when you trying to make something "low cost" at any price and miss some important designs problems... "

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