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I think Prisma support for SCUMMVM games would be more interesting than WHDLoad patches for CD32/AmigaCD games with CDDA. Both would be nice obviously, but it'll be interesting to see what Bert comes back with.

Approx. how many Amiga games with CDDA are there anyway? 70-80 games perhaps? How many with WHDLoad patches at present?

Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
On the console market money is earned by selling games not HW.
Not so much in 1993/94 in the "heydey" of the CD32. Only Nintendo was using that business model with any great success at the time (notably with cartridge-based consoles only, which had minimal piracy back then), while the likes of 3DO, CD-i, Sega, Neo-Geo etc. were ailing or had already failed with their CD-based systems/add-ons regardless of the business model being used.

The console market was very different back then IMHO - research, design and production costs were far greater in real terms. Commodore would never had got the CD32 to market if they had put extra ram in the CD32. As it was, they were on the brink of bankruptcy and were relying on profits of the CD32 hardware sales to remain afloat. In the end, their financial problems resulted in a CD32 shortage in Europe for Christmas '93 and the U.S. release being delayed until 1-2 months before declaring bankruptcy in April '94.
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