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An A500+ has 1mb of chipram expandable to 2mb of chipram with an A501+ trapdoor RAM expansion

2mb chipram is not enough to run a lot of slaves.

A kipper2k A508 IDE will allow you to run all the 68000 compatible slaves (that is a good few)

If you want to run more slaves then youll need an 020 CPU, the next cheapest upgrade is a second hand A1200 + ACA1221

You could get an ACA500 for your A500+ (instead of kipper2k's board) and an ACA1221 but you won't have AGA and an ACA500 is probably more than an old A1200

The absolute cheapest upgrade is nothing, no RAM, no CPU, no HDD, just a Gotek Floppy emulator. You'll be able to play all 68000 Amiga ECS/OCS games (which is 99% of them)

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