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I think the answer to the question in topic headline is:

1. because we compare all platformers to Super Mario Bros, where absolutely tons to time and effort was spent on perfecting the playability.

That was because it was the killer app that would sell NES consoles, i.e. the game would ensure success for something else.

That meant no expense spared, and that is not possible in an already existing, vibrant competitive market like the Amiga games market where publishers pay to have games developed and incur huge fines for any delay past deadline.

The same can be said for Megadrive and Sonic.

After these were released, they became the benchmark to compare to, which is unfair. On the Amiga we were spoilt for choice with hundreds of platformers from small 2-3 person developer companies, on consoles you had a very few "hits" from developers who hired 3 people just to playtest games...

2. because a joystick using up to jump is plain cumbersome.

Just voltagefix a Megadrive compatible controller and connect its B button to "up" and quite a few Amiga platformers come alive! Snow Bros, Bubble Bobble, Giana Sisters, Turrican, Rainbow Islands...

So I don't think platformers are as bad as all that on Amiga, in fact I think you can't find a single home computer with more good platformers.

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