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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Don't do it. Previous physical geometry is correct, XT driver for some reason works strangely and uses different logical geometry.

I think the HD problem is guaranteed to be in Minix (at least in this version of Minix).
I am missing something here
At this point MINIX is not the problem; I can't even get to MINIX as I can't get a formatted XT HD image. I would be happy to say that MINIX is the problem if I could get an XT image partition (btw, I tried with two different MINIX boot disks on SCSI, and I get the same results in both cases; this software was tested and released back in the day, and from old newsgroups posts, people have actually used it.)

When I boot from the A2091 setup disk I don't get any icons on workbench. If I try the Format HD program, it tells me that no drive is in the system.
Then if I go to HD Toolbox, the only option I get is to "Change Drive Type".
Which leads me to Define new drive type. If I select it, then I get a screen with the detected geometry (612/4/17), which I name (e.g. UAEXT) Then I Save Changes to Drive. Then I Click on exit, and I get a Guru Meditation. No chance to get a desktop icon at all.
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