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Originally Posted by Amiga_CDTV View Post
This behaviour seems to change depending on which Workbench disk image I use, so I believe the floppy has some settings related to the PC side.
It shouldn't but PC drive detection is a bit weird.

I haven't yet get it to ask a bootable DOS floppy. Do I just select the DF2 as a 40 track drive and it will work as the Sidecar's internal floppy drive? I am confused about it as the Sidecar's drive is not usually accessibly from the Amiga-side and I would have expected the Sidecar's disk drive being it's own setting in the Expansions screen.
Yes. Read changelogs: "Amiga floppy drive DF2: and DF3: can be re-configured as bridgeboard PC drives A: and B:." This was the easiest solution, did you really expect me to add new disk change GUI just for bridgeboards?
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