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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
See posts in previous page of this thread. You are booting a PC: you need PC formatted boot disk, not Amiga formatted disks (ADF). At least until someone creates virtual Janus HD image.

You need to configure DF2: as PC Bridge drive with 40 tracks and have PC formatted 360k (DOS) boot disk. Check the zone for working MSDOS boot disk.
I know about the DOS disk, as I posted it

No, I meant that I have setup A1000 with the Sidecar. Now, I boot the Amiga with a floppy with Workbench and Sidecar required files (folder "PC" and mono/color executables). As I open PC Display window, it gives me the BIOS copyright notices, then starts counting the memory, telling bad drive A: and restarting itself. Or telling me that "No printer found" and staying there. This behaviour seems to change depending on which Workbench disk image I use, so I believe the floppy has some settings related to the PC side.

I haven't yet get it to ask a bootable DOS floppy. Do I just select the DF2 as a 40 track drive and it will work as the Sidecar's internal floppy drive? I am confused about it as the Sidecar's drive is not usually accessibly from the Amiga-side and I would have expected the Sidecar's disk drive being it's own setting in the Expansions screen.
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