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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Systems and programs getting a security patch, then another, and again, every time a hole is discovered, you call THAT secure ?
it's more secure than no security at all. wish i'd installed updates more frequently on our old server when it got hacked.

There are good and bad ways of doing it, of course, and it's like sticking a finger in a crumbling dyke sometimes on these legacy systems. i'm all for simplicity.

Security on MY computer is ME having full control.
So you will never run anybody else's software, or use the network? Well, ok, but i don't think that would be a popular use case for a new product.

And ? What are the threats on game consoles ?
Anyway, old SNES and Megadrive are not less secure than xbox 360 and ps3, are they ?
XBox 360 is VERY secure. look it up. They do it to prevent piracy, and stop people installing Linux or any sort of homebrew to that end, over the top in my opinion, but it's very competently done, and they can do that because they have complete control over the hardware configuration, which they designed from the ground up with security in mind.

Consoles now are connected to online user accounts where you can spend real money, so security is certainly an issue there.
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