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Originally Posted by redblade View Post
Hi Andreas.

Can you please upload these again.

I'd suggest to get the images from here:

Then, you must create some custom disks from WinUAE (they are about 2Mb each.)
Then, format each of these custom images using CrossDOS.
Put the original Minix images into a folder (to be seen as a hard disk by Amiga DOS).
Then use a tool to write disk images, for example yadi or tracktool.
For example, after inserting a formatted WinUAE image,
with yadi you would do something like:

yadi w disk02 PC0:

This will create a Minix image disk which is recognised by WinUAE.
Make sure that none of the disk images are write protected, otherwise Minix will not mount the /usr filesystem properly.

Hope this helps

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