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chips challenge crack issue

I wonder if anyone with a knowledge of cracking / assembler can help me with this one..

back in the day I tried to compile a cracked version of the commercial "chips challenge" onto a packdisk but was always unsuccessful because it seemed to access data on the disk which was hidden. it was cracked to dos (if I remember correctly) so I copied the files over to my comp disk and it never worked. I tried it again recently out of curiosity using a similar cracked version with the same result. I knew it was a bit of long shot, but I tried undeleting files but none were found.

now i'm no programmer but how was this done? could anyone help me break this hidden data protection? (just as a matter of interest for me now) thanks

there's an amiga dos version with all files hidden, but i'm referring to the tosec version with only some data files hidden, don't remember the exact file name at the moment.


edit: the version I refer to was "Chip's Challenge (1990)(U.S. Gold)[cr QTX][v Lamer!4]" (I removed the virus though, lol :-)

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